Crafts with Pizzazz: Pickett the Bowtruckle!


Hello from Bee!

I apologize for the long delay since my last post back in August; what with new work schedules, I haven’t had much opportunity to update the blog. However, now that things are starting to settle down, Boss-Bot and I are hoping to get “Nerds with Pizzazz” back up and running again!

I’m going to start with something that I just made this weekend after seeing J.K. Rowling’s “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” I’m a big Harry Potter fan – I’ve grown up reading the books – and I must say, this latest addition to the Wizarding World is excellent! As one of my friends pointed out, it was made all the better by having Rowling herself as the screenwriter (as opposed to the studios adapting her work from books). I loved seeing the wizarding community in America, the historical setting, and of course, the adorable Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne was amazing!) and his creatures.

With regard to the fantastic beasts, I was particularly taken with Pickett, the cute little Bowtruckle Newt kept in his coat, and I wanted to figure out how to crochet him.

Having crocheted many Dancing Baby Groots at this point, I knew that in order to make Pickett stand up, I would have to use some kind of support structure. For Groot’s stem, I use a piece of stiff plastic straw; however, due to the way Pickett’s body curves, that wouldn’t work this time. I remembered I had a coil of craft wire I had previously used for Dr. Banner’s glasses, and so I decided to give that a try.

After playing around with proportions, I crocheted very thin in-the-round cylinders for his body, arms, and legs. Then, I cut pieces of the craft wire and inserted them into the body and three legs. I used the support given by the wire to bend the body into a curvy “L” shape. Having cut the wire longer for the legs, I inserted the exposed wire into the bent body for stronger support before sewing on the legs. The arms did not need wire, but for the fingers, I ended up using single rows of chain stitch that curled nicely when I wove in the yarn tails.

For the decorations, I crocheted two green leaves and sewed them very loosely onto the top. I then wrapped pieces of brown yarn around the loose base attachment to look like stems. I made the face with small pieces of felt. The little “roots” on his arms were made by tying on pieces of beige yarn and wrapping green yarn pieces around them in the same way I made the leaf stems.

I’m so excited to see more of the Wizarding World! 🙂


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