“Nerds with Pizzazz” is a blog started by us, Boss-Bot and Bee, as a fun project where we can share all things geeky with each other and fellow enthusiasts. You can follow us here on WordPress, as well as on Twitter and Pinterest at @NerdswPizzazz.

If you’d like to contact Nerds with Pizzazz, please email us at nerdswithpizzazz@gmail.com. Thank you!


This is a personal blog. All views, opinions, etc. expressed on this blog are solely those of the owners of this blog and are not in any way affiliated with any companies, organizations, products, or trademarks that may be mentioned herein that have been copyrighted by their respective owners. The bloggers reserve the right to change their aforementioned views, opinions, etc. over time if they so choose. Any links provided to third-party sites, etc., are provided solely for convenience and the owners of this blog are not responsible for these other sites or their content. Likewise, the owners of this blog are not responsible for the content in this blog’s comments other than that provided expressly by them; however, please note that comments will be moderated and any spam or malicious or inappropriate remarks will be deleted immediately. Any unauthorized use or duplication of the material on this blog without express and written permission from the bloggers and full and clear credit given to the bloggers for said material, is strictly prohibited.

©Nerds with Pizzazz All Rights Reserved 2017


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