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Crafts with Pizzazz: Hawkeye!

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Hello from Bee!

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After I finished making Black Widow last week, I immediately started right in on her best friend and the final member of the main Marvel Cinematic Universe Avengers, Clint Barton, also known as Hawkeye!

It’s very easy to fall in love with Hawkeye, especially as portrayed by Jeremy Renner. Just look up his appearance on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon, in which he performs an Ed Sheeran-inspired song about his “superpowers.” As I’ve said before, I really love seeing that these actors are having just as much fun portraying their characters as we have watching them do so.

As with Black Widow, crocheting Hawkeye was fairly simple; the only special elements I had to incorporate were his archery armguards, which I made one round shorter than Thor’s wristbands. With regard to his vest, I originally wanted to crochet it with the maroon and black blocks of color, but it didn’t come out the way I had hoped. I reevaluated and decided to make the entire top in maroon and glued squares of black felt over the front and back.

And now I have the entire team! Here they are, Earth’s Mightiest (Crocheted) Avengers! 🙂

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