Crafts with Pizzazz: Groot!

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Hello from Bee!

Well, I’ve posted about Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon; now, I’d like to show you Groot!

Although I’ve made several baby Groots before, as I’ve shared in my previous posts, it took a while to figure out proportions for a full-sized Groot, especially because he is considerably taller than the other Guardians. The head is relatively similar to the one I use for my baby Groot, but after I finished it, I went back and worked a few rows into the top for the square branches. I also increased around the top of the body to give Groot a more broad-shouldered look and worked in a few extra rounds for Groot’s feet, which added to his height.

For the vines, I just took some pieces of the brown yarn I was using and sewed them around Groot. I also tied on a few pieces of green yarn for leaves like I had done for Pickett.

Looking good, guys! 🙂


Crafts with Pizzazz: Dancing Baby Groot!

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Hello! Bee here today – thanks for looking at our blog!

As Boss-Bot mentioned earlier, I really enjoy crafting – anything from oven-bake clay sculpture to felt-board characters – and I am excited to share my work with you!

About a year ago, I decided to learn how to crochet. I’d seen plenty of pictures online that proved crochet lends itself perfectly to geeky crafting, particularly when it comes to amigurumi: the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting little stuffed toys.

Fortunately, unlike intricately-patterned blankets or lace decorations, the majority of amigurumi only requires a few basic crochet stitches – mostly single; sometimes half-double or double – a couple of hooks (I have a trusty E-4 hook that I use for pretty much everything), a good yarn needle, and some felt or embroidery floss for those little finishing details.

Armed with instructional books (Allison Hoffman’s AmiguruME is a particular favorite) and some how-to videos, I began teaching myself how to crochet, and it wasn’t long before I was able to piece together my first project: Dancing Baby Groot!

Admittedly, when Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” first came out, Boss-Bot and I weren’t exactly sure what to expect; “Guardians” was one area of the Marvel Universe with which we weren’t too familiar. (A talking raccoon? In space?)

In any case, we went to see the movie, and with its fantastic cast, action/comedy plot, stellar music, and the kind of heart one can only get from a giant loveable tree, it quickly became one of our all-time favorites. James Gunn did such a great job of giving this group of lesser-known Marvel heroes their well-deserved big-screen debut.

That being said, the movie really made me want a little baby Groot of my own, and since the store-bought versions hadn’t come out yet, I embarked (tree pun intended) on my first crochet project.

I actually free-handed the entire project – which ended up being two simple in-the-round cylinders for the head and stem, and a couple of flat pieces for the arms and bits of bark. The face and leaves are felt, and to make him stand up in the clay pot, I put an unfolded paper clip inside the stem.

I’m still so excited by how well he turned out! He’s the perfect dance partner when I blast the “Guardians” soundtrack. 🙂

Since completing my Groot, I’ve made several others for family and friends. With more crochet experience, I’ve been able to scale down the pattern into a much smaller version that’s great for gifts.

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And especially now that “Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2” has been announced, it’s definitely going to come in handy!