Crafts with Pizzazz: The Pirate King!

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Hello from Bee!

I am a big fan of theatre – as both participant and audience member – so I was very excited last week to have the opportunity to go to the Barrington Stage Company and see a production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s comedy operetta, “The Pirates of Penzance.”

Although I was familiar with Gilbert and Sullivan, this was my first time seeing “The Pirates of Penzance,” and I must say, it was absolutely incredible! Barrington Stage did a fantastic job with the show: the cast was so strong and engaging, the music was awesome (as was the conductor, placed strategically on stage in the midst of the actors), the set and costumes were gorgeous, and the audience interaction was so cleverly done. I know that sometimes, shows from Barrington Stage end up on Broadway; I really hope this is one of them – or at least, that they put out a cast album!

In any case, I had to crochet my favorite character from the show, the Pirate King, played so brilliantly by Will Swenson!

For this project, I had to figure out a few new techniques: most notably, the vertical stripes on the Pirate King’s pants. Due to the fact that I crochet the body and legs separately, I couldn’t use the technique I had developed previously when making Spiderman, as the stripes wouldn’t have matched up properly. Instead, I decided to crochet the legs and lower part of the body in a solid color (light blue). After attaching the legs, I then used maroon yarn and an embroidery needle to put in the stripes. It is definitely more time-consuming than the Spiderman way, but I’m very pleased with the results.

Another new crochet element for this project is the facial hair. With the exception of Tony Stark and Thor, I haven’t really done much facial hair, and while I like the way the embroidery thread turned out for the two of them, I wanted to see if I could improve on it to make the Pirate King’s more fuller-looking beard. I ended up taking a long piece of brown yarn and chaining a handful of stitches right in the middle of it. I then curled it into a U-shape and attached it to the chin area, using the tails to embroider the moustache part under his nose.

“Hurrah for the Pirate King!” 🙂